Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Liquor Filled Chocolate 酒心巧克力

 This is the gift I've prepared for the 7th valentine day with my man ❤_
We had per-celebrated our valentine's day at the Langkawi Island earlier but I still felt like wanna make some small gift for him~

As you know Langkawi Island is a duty free island in Malaysia~ They selling super cheap chocolates, tobaccos and alcohol there. How could we missed this chance? NO! and so we bought 2 big bottle of whiskey, some cigar and a big packet of chocolates!

Ooops.. enough of grandmother stories.... thus I have bought the liquors and I decided to made him a liquor filled chocolate~ and also as a memory of Langkawi Island.

Let's start..!

 Prepare the ingredients before you start everything. And the tools we needs are chocolate silicone mold, a double boiler/microwave and baking paper.

For the liquor fillings, I'm using the Jack Daniel's whiskey because I bought this from Langkawi~ You can use any of your favorite liquor :)
And for the chocolate I bought 2 bars of Van Houten semi-sweetened baking chocolate, or you can use those chocolate buttons too~

I'm sorry because I forgot to take most of the pictures when doing the procedures because this is the first time I'm dealing with chocolates and very worried it will failed to do! :(
But still I wanted to share the recipe with you girls~_~

Ok, here's the procedures....

For making this liquor filled chocolates, we have 2 things to do. One is the hard chocolate coatings and another one is the liquor fillings.
We will do the fillings part first.

1. Fill your pot with hot water.
2. Pour all your heavy cream(38g) into a bowl and put into the pot with hot water just now
3. Cook it on low heat until the cream become warm
4. Add your chocolate(38g) into the cream and let it continue boiling
5. Keep stirring until all the chocolates are melted.
6. Bring the bowl out of the water and turn off the fire.
7. Stir in liquor(3tbsp, you can add more if you like to have a heavier alcohol taste)
8. Put into fridge meanwhile you can prepare the chocolate coatings~

Chocolate Coating:

1. Double boil your chocolates(125g) over the water or microwave it on defrost mode until it has all melted.

2. Fill every single holes of your chocolate mold and flipped it over on a baking paper.
3. Wait for the chocolate to dripped down on the paper and left a thin coatings that stick on the mold.
4. Take the mold up, scrap off the excess chocolate that on the surface.
5. Put the mold on another baking paper (upside down also), and then put it into the fridge for a nice 5 minutes.
6. After 5 minutes, take it out from the fridge and peel off the baking paper from the mold.
 It will look like this after you fridge it for 5 minutes, you can see there's room in each hole with a thin chocolate coat which can fill with the fillings you did earlier.

7. Fill the fillings into each hole using a small spoon or a disposable piping bag.
8. There will be some melted chocolate coating left just now, now cover every hole on top of the fillings.
9. Same, scrap the excess chocolate on the mold surface to have a nice finished.
10.  Put into the fridge for at least 1 hour to let it harden. (I'm not so sure about the timing because I put it overnight.)
11. After it has harden, pop it out from the mold and do your packaging~

This was mine~
(Please ignore the ugly chocolate truffle...look at the hearted shape chocolate! )
It was nice and it taste awesome!! How bout yours?

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