Monday, 2 September 2013

Fruits Yogurt Smoothies

Hi all~ Nice day!
I have recently bought the "Shake N' Take" Blender and decided to made myself some smoothies~
As this month is a diet month for me because there will be a vacation in Perhentian island after this month! Must keep fit to hide my little tummy already #^_^# .
So I plan to take ONLY this low fats yogurt smoothies for my breakfast every morning :)

Here's the ingredient I have prepare for my first 2 weeks breakfast:
Nestle natural yogurt

Strawberry 1 box

Blueberry 1 box, Banana x3, Kiwi x4

Baby carrot 1 packet

Shake 'N' Take Portable Blender x1

 For your information I bought this blender for RM50 at qoo10 .
And 1 more Sunkist orange juice I forgot to take photo :P

I try with each and every fruits every morning :)

Strawberry Yogurt

  • Strawberry x4
  • Yogurt (depends how much you want to drink, here I put around 300ml)
  • Taste : Awesome!


  • Banana x2
  • Yogurt (this I put too little, and the mixture become too sticky, can try to put more yogurt)
  • Taste : very banana :D If you like banana then u like this!



  • Baby carrot x14
  • Water 50ml
  • Yogurt 250ml
  • Note: blend carrot with water first, then only add in yogurt to blend.
  • Taste : taste is OK, but need to shift the mixture after blend cause the remaining of carrot make the mixture very rough.

Enjoying the yogurt smoothie on a weekend morning accompany with a magazine is just too great! ^^


Orange Juice

  • Orange juice,not sure how much orange needed. I just use sunkist orange juice :D lazy me...
  • Yogurt, same amount with your orange juice.
  • Taste : very good! Just exactly like the yogurt drink I bought from hypermart~



  • Kiwi x1
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : too sour for me, maybe because of the kiwi too sour. And bitter also cause crashing the kiwi seeds



  • Blueberry x25
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : nice! But has lots of blueberry skin inside.


Mixed Berry (Strawberry and Blueberry)

  • Strawberry x3
  • Blueberry x20
  • Sugar 1tsp (melt with little bit of water first)
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : Perfect match ! Can don't add the sugar water, I add this because the 2 berry I bought is too sour :(

Mixed Fruits (Banana, Kiwi, Blueberry)

  • Kiwi x1
  • Banana x1
  • Blueberry x10
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : Taste like a sour banana :( Don't really like this. The blueberry is like missing in the mixture.. Can't taste that at all.

Yummmm.... Every morning have a cup of fruits yogurt... Healthy but no fats~ some more it can be done in 5minutes.. Super Easy! For now I like the most is the strawberry and orange flavor.. Next time maybe can try with watermelon, honey dew and mango~! Happy healthy diet life ~ :)