Monday, 2 September 2013

Fruits Yogurt Smoothies

Hi all~ Nice day!
I have recently bought the "Shake N' Take" Blender and decided to made myself some smoothies~
As this month is a diet month for me because there will be a vacation in Perhentian island after this month! Must keep fit to hide my little tummy already #^_^# .
So I plan to take ONLY this low fats yogurt smoothies for my breakfast every morning :)

Here's the ingredient I have prepare for my first 2 weeks breakfast:
Nestle natural yogurt

Strawberry 1 box

Blueberry 1 box, Banana x3, Kiwi x4

Baby carrot 1 packet

Shake 'N' Take Portable Blender x1

 For your information I bought this blender for RM50 at qoo10 .
And 1 more Sunkist orange juice I forgot to take photo :P

I try with each and every fruits every morning :)

Strawberry Yogurt

  • Strawberry x4
  • Yogurt (depends how much you want to drink, here I put around 300ml)
  • Taste : Awesome!


  • Banana x2
  • Yogurt (this I put too little, and the mixture become too sticky, can try to put more yogurt)
  • Taste : very banana :D If you like banana then u like this!



  • Baby carrot x14
  • Water 50ml
  • Yogurt 250ml
  • Note: blend carrot with water first, then only add in yogurt to blend.
  • Taste : taste is OK, but need to shift the mixture after blend cause the remaining of carrot make the mixture very rough.

Enjoying the yogurt smoothie on a weekend morning accompany with a magazine is just too great! ^^


Orange Juice

  • Orange juice,not sure how much orange needed. I just use sunkist orange juice :D lazy me...
  • Yogurt, same amount with your orange juice.
  • Taste : very good! Just exactly like the yogurt drink I bought from hypermart~



  • Kiwi x1
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : too sour for me, maybe because of the kiwi too sour. And bitter also cause crashing the kiwi seeds



  • Blueberry x25
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : nice! But has lots of blueberry skin inside.


Mixed Berry (Strawberry and Blueberry)

  • Strawberry x3
  • Blueberry x20
  • Sugar 1tsp (melt with little bit of water first)
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : Perfect match ! Can don't add the sugar water, I add this because the 2 berry I bought is too sour :(

Mixed Fruits (Banana, Kiwi, Blueberry)

  • Kiwi x1
  • Banana x1
  • Blueberry x10
  • Yogurt 300ml
  • Taste : Taste like a sour banana :( Don't really like this. The blueberry is like missing in the mixture.. Can't taste that at all.

Yummmm.... Every morning have a cup of fruits yogurt... Healthy but no fats~ some more it can be done in 5minutes.. Super Easy! For now I like the most is the strawberry and orange flavor.. Next time maybe can try with watermelon, honey dew and mango~! Happy healthy diet life ~ :)


  1. Jiin try grapefruit got detox function
    And cranberry got anti aging function

    1. wow... never research on the function pun... TQ!! can try also. grape also need to shift out the skin and seeds. Cranberry should be nice :D