Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to Make Takoyaki

This is the recipe~ simple right :)
Some tutorial says that, if you can't find takoyaki flour, normal flour will do. I haven't try before, but I believe the taste would be different. So I decided to get the takoyaki flour. I simply bought it from Daiso (the Japan RM5 shop).
For the cabbage, I pluck out 5 slices and chop it until small small size..(like a red bean size)
Then the flavor... depends what you like to eat~ and you can just put it in. But remember to cut it small pieces, else the flour cannot hold it.
The takoyaki stick and oil brush I also buy it from Daiso, if you don't want to buy, you can use satay stick instead. And the oil brush you can replace with a paper tower or cloth or whatsoever can damp with oil and wipe all the holes. :)
This is the takoyaki pan I use. Bought from ebay around RM80 and its electronic :) Portable, but the heat was just a bit slow compared to gas. Good for beginner like me! (no need to care bout the fire level..hahaha)
These are the toppings.. The takoyaki sauce you can get it from Daiso as well (cheaper!) or hypermarket like Jusco. I saw it selling there too.. but more expensive.
The Japanese mayonnaise (sorry wrong spelling on the picture) also get from Jusco. Around RM6 for the smallest bottle. Why must "Japanese" mayonnaise? Hmm.. not a must... But it taste better and with the squeezable bottle, you can decorate your takoyaki nicer :) 
Bonito flakes, is some kind of dry fish flakes. Don't know what fish is that.. Jusco sells for RM8 for a big packet. But I still get it from Daiso haha.
Seaweed flakes, from Daiso too. But I think you can get it from anywhere.. if don't have flakes then just buy seaweed and flakes it yourself  :D
Here is all the ingredients! All get prepared and now we're ready to start!
First thing is to make the mixture:
1. Simply beat the 2 eggs to mix the yolks and egg whites
2. Pour in takoyaki flour and simply mixed up with the eggs
3. Add in some water(around 1 small cup) to mixed with the flour. Remember not too much water. If too dry then add in some more. Mixed until smooth only add in the rest of the water. Mixed in water slowly like this will helps you to avoid lumps of the flour.
After that put into a jar like this so you could pour out easily. This is optional.. you can just spoon out from the mixed bowl.

Next we're going to cook! Sorry forgot to take pics at starting >_<
1. Ok, now turn on your pan to let it hot. And then wipe the entire pan with oil. The inside and outside or the holes and every holes even you just wan to cook 4 or 8 at a time.
2. Next, pour your mixture into the holes until full. You can try 4 at a time for your first time. So fill 4 holes full with the mixture.
3. Put in tako/prawn/sausages into each holes.
4. Spread cabbage evenly on the 4 holes. Spread a layer like half a cm on the pan. Not too much so the mixture can hold the cabbage. But not too little because the cabbage make it round. If too little then your takoyaki will not round enough.
5. Use your sticks to draw lines around the holes to separate the cabbage and cooked flour so that every takoyaki is not stick to each other.

6. Use 1 stick to stick into the takoyaki (stick in until you reach the bottom of the pan) and turn(try to turn fast).
7. Keep turning it using the stick so that the takoyaki will round and won't overcook at one side.
8. Cook until golden color and you can feel its a bit harden like a fish ball but not soft soft inside then you're ready to serve it on a plate. Use your stick to take it out from the pan.
9. Take out few takoyaki and put on a small plate, squeeze on takoyaki sause.
10. Then squeeze on the mayonnaise.
11. Spread the seaweed flakes and lastly the bonito flakes.

And your takoyaki is done~ :)

Awwww..... looks so Yummy!!!! Can't wait to eat anymore ~~~~ hope you guys enjoy eating!

Nomm....nomn,,,nomn.....  :P

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