Wednesday, 24 July 2013

New blog~

Hi ~ I finally start my new blog here ! :)
Just let me introduce myself a bit..
I'm Jin, a lady who going to reach her 25th years old...
Just like an ordinary girl, I love to eat! Japanese food, cakes, desserts, ice creams, tutti fruity... Blablabla...too much! Cannot mentioned all... Haha!!
But basically I love sweet stuff~ those pretty looking dessert never fail to melt me off...
I love looking at baking recipe every time I went into popular since very young..
But...!! Until now I still don't know how to cook~ a Maggie hot cup is the best food I can cook...
I even cannot fried a complete egg....don't know how to cut apples... :( how fail!!! 

And now! I decided to learn cooking!
But for a noob like me... I guess I shall look into some recipe for beginners haha!
But I only interested to do food that I like to eat haha...
Will try with easy recipe! if success then will be post to this blog~
*****lets pray I don't fail too much*****
Hope people like me (so dummy) one also can learn from here :)

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