Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Caramel Pudding from Daiso

That day went to Daiso (my favourite shop ^^). Saw this Caramel Pudding powder... looks interesting! It looks kinda easy to do... from its instruction its like just add milk will do... easy right ~ ^^

Ok~ guess it won't take much time to do this thing~ Let's start~
It has 2 packet of powder inside the box. 1 big powder for pudding and another smaller packet 1 for the caramel topping.

First, let's prepare the container to keep the pudding :)

I reuse this little glass bottle which I bought pudding from Lavender Bakery earlier ^^
As for this container, I'm able to make 5 pudding with 1 packet powder.

Ingredient? Dutch Lady full cream milk! 400ml~

Add the big packet powder into the dutch lady milk.

Cook with medium heat while mixing regularly until all the powder has dissolve.

Let it cook until the milk mixture is boiled.
Turn to low heat and let it continue cook for 1 more minute.
Turn off the heat and evenly pour into container.

Let it cool down a bit in room temperature and then put into the fridge and let it set for at least 1 hour.

Lastly, prepare your caramel topping !
It has another small packet powder in the box which is for the caramel topping.

It should be adding 1 tablespoon into the powder and mixed well...
But as you can see... I put in a big cup of water(cz the instruction with japanese word I misunderstand)!! OMG!! This is failure demostration hahaha...

The powder only have 1 packet... there's no way to do it again... No choice~ so I try to cook the mixture and see weather it will dried up the water a bit? If can't work then just abandon this thing i guess...

Ok... Lets try...! I cook it with low heat and let the mixture keep boiling.. I don't know how long it takes, but in the end...

It works! It has been dried up a bit and the taste it good. Just the color become too dark compare with what it should be hahaha...

After the pudding has become harden, scoop 3 teaspoon of caramel topping into each pudding.
Put back into the fridge and it's ready to eat anytime~ Njoy~ :D ♥ ❤

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Thin Crust Pizza Recipe

This pizza is done by me and my man ♥ ❤ We love pizza~ but not pizza hut.. haha.. Not really like the pizza there with thick thick bread and super thin layer of the topping. If Domino's is available, we always choose domino to eat.
Been eating pizza for so long time but never thought of DIY it~ until the day we having potluck party at some relatives house, one of the cousin makes pizza! It seems like not so hard right... And so we decided to give it a try~ ^^

 Here's the ingredient for the pizza dough (2 x 11 inches pizza for thin crust)~ After we research for awhile on Google, this is the easiest recipe that we can get. Not to say easy but is simple ingredient that we can easily get in any supermarket :)

 All the ingredient and tools~ you can see... the yeast I'm using was the instant yeast from Kijang brand.

 Normal 'tepung gandum' is the only choice in the super market.

 This is the olive oil I'm using, choose this one just because only this is available in small bottle in my supermarket. Because we only need to use a little of this, so I bought a small bottle.

 This is how the yeast look like... yuck.. don't know why I felt disgusting!


STEPS (for the pizza dough):
1. Add sugar into the luke warm water you prepared.
2. Then add in instant dried yeast.
3. Just put it there and wait for approximately 15 minutes until all the yeast "wake up"

 The mixture

 After 8 minutes

 After 12 minutes... you can see this is ready when all the entire dried yeast had been transform.

4. Now mix in olive oil and salt.
5. Then add in all the baking flour and mix in the bowl.

 I used a spatula to slightly mixed it when it's still powder and water in the mixture.

 My man is hardly mixing the dough in the bowl ~_~

OK! when it came to this form, you can take it out and knead it with hands~ make sure you clean your hand! 
Another thing is, you can knead on your table(which is clean, other wise you're going to clean the table with your pizza dough). If you find it difficult that you did not had a clean surface, you can buy a silicon mat. Which you can wash easily and it can stay on the table in place while you're kneading.

6. Spread a thin layer of flour on your kneading surface before you put on your dough to prevent the dough from sticking.
7. Knead the dough until smooth and elastic for approximately 10 minutes.

Knead knead knead~ we not yet buy a silicon mat that time... so we knead on a baking paper. its super hard because the paper keep running place, need another person to hold it tight.

8. Put it back into the bowl just now and cover it up with plastic wrap and let it wait for 30 minutes in room temperature.

While waiting for the pizza dough to raise, we prepare the toppings! 
Today I'm gonna do Hawaiian Bacon Sausage and Seafood Delight with Onions! *simply name it*

9. Prepare your tomato paste.

 I bought this chopped tomatoes(but regret). I should direct buy the spaghetti tomato sauce from Prego.

 It looks like this when open up. The chopped tomato was to big for spreading on a pizza. And it taste sour.

 I use a spoon to press all the chopped tomatoes into paste. Then add in sugar, salt, pepper and some basin flakes. Add all these seasoning and taste it until you get the taste you like.

10. Prepare your cheese.

I'm using this pizza plus that already mix all the cheese for pizza :)
NICE! but Expensive... I guess this is the most expensive ingredient of making pizza huh?

11. Prepare your toppings.

 Cut sausage into pieces.

 Cut ham into smaller pieces.

 I use a canned pineapple. Just open up and cut into smaller pieces.

 Then also cut the onion, crab stick and bacon. Open up the tuna.

 After all the cutting, cook all the meat first before put into bake.

All the ingredient for topping is ready... now check on the dough and carry on~

12. After 30 minutes, check on your dough... it will be expend to about 3 times bigger than the previous one.

13. Take it out and separate into 2 equal size.
14. Use your rolling pins to roll the dough into a thin big circle shape.

 15. Wet your entire pizza pan with olive oil so that the pizza won't be sticking on the pan when you serve it out from oven.
16. Put on the pizza dough you rolls just now, and try to press the pizza with your 2 thumbs so that the pizza can go thinner and bigger.

17. Take a folk and make holes on the pizza dough.
18. Preheat oven to 200ºC.
19. Spread on tomato paste.
20. Second layer should be a thin later of cheese to hold the ingredient on the dough.
21. Then all the toppings.
22. Last layer also a full layer of cheese~ I love cheese so much! so I put MANY of it ^^
23. Lastly put into oven and bake for approximately 15 minutes(the time depend on your pizza thickness) with temperature 200ºC until you saw the all the cheese has melted and the pizza dough become slightly brown color.

DINGGGG!!!! PizZa is DonE~

 Can you see all the CHEESE~~~~ Aww... I'm hungry!!!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Liquor Filled Chocolate 酒心巧克力

 This is the gift I've prepared for the 7th valentine day with my man ❤_
We had per-celebrated our valentine's day at the Langkawi Island earlier but I still felt like wanna make some small gift for him~

As you know Langkawi Island is a duty free island in Malaysia~ They selling super cheap chocolates, tobaccos and alcohol there. How could we missed this chance? NO! and so we bought 2 big bottle of whiskey, some cigar and a big packet of chocolates!

Ooops.. enough of grandmother stories.... thus I have bought the liquors and I decided to made him a liquor filled chocolate~ and also as a memory of Langkawi Island.

Let's start..!

 Prepare the ingredients before you start everything. And the tools we needs are chocolate silicone mold, a double boiler/microwave and baking paper.

For the liquor fillings, I'm using the Jack Daniel's whiskey because I bought this from Langkawi~ You can use any of your favorite liquor :)
And for the chocolate I bought 2 bars of Van Houten semi-sweetened baking chocolate, or you can use those chocolate buttons too~

I'm sorry because I forgot to take most of the pictures when doing the procedures because this is the first time I'm dealing with chocolates and very worried it will failed to do! :(
But still I wanted to share the recipe with you girls~_~

Ok, here's the procedures....

For making this liquor filled chocolates, we have 2 things to do. One is the hard chocolate coatings and another one is the liquor fillings.
We will do the fillings part first.

1. Fill your pot with hot water.
2. Pour all your heavy cream(38g) into a bowl and put into the pot with hot water just now
3. Cook it on low heat until the cream become warm
4. Add your chocolate(38g) into the cream and let it continue boiling
5. Keep stirring until all the chocolates are melted.
6. Bring the bowl out of the water and turn off the fire.
7. Stir in liquor(3tbsp, you can add more if you like to have a heavier alcohol taste)
8. Put into fridge meanwhile you can prepare the chocolate coatings~

Chocolate Coating:

1. Double boil your chocolates(125g) over the water or microwave it on defrost mode until it has all melted.

2. Fill every single holes of your chocolate mold and flipped it over on a baking paper.
3. Wait for the chocolate to dripped down on the paper and left a thin coatings that stick on the mold.
4. Take the mold up, scrap off the excess chocolate that on the surface.
5. Put the mold on another baking paper (upside down also), and then put it into the fridge for a nice 5 minutes.
6. After 5 minutes, take it out from the fridge and peel off the baking paper from the mold.
 It will look like this after you fridge it for 5 minutes, you can see there's room in each hole with a thin chocolate coat which can fill with the fillings you did earlier.

7. Fill the fillings into each hole using a small spoon or a disposable piping bag.
8. There will be some melted chocolate coating left just now, now cover every hole on top of the fillings.
9. Same, scrap the excess chocolate on the mold surface to have a nice finished.
10.  Put into the fridge for at least 1 hour to let it harden. (I'm not so sure about the timing because I put it overnight.)
11. After it has harden, pop it out from the mold and do your packaging~

This was mine~
(Please ignore the ugly chocolate truffle...look at the hearted shape chocolate! )
It was nice and it taste awesome!! How bout yours?